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Ron Kennedy born in Enfield, hundreds of years ago, raised in Cheshunt spending lots of adolescent years at Cheshunt Boys Club in Waltham Cross listening to up and coming bands like The Roulettes and The Hunters, both bands amalgamated to become Unit 4 plus 2.
Started in bands with The Sapphires, a 4 piece "pop group" playing drums, gave all that up to spend more time going out with girls, then got married!

One son, three daughters and a divorce later back in "the swing" with Vintage Stuff.

Amplfier wise this time round I started with a Fender Twin, too heavy to negotiate past the plebs who just have to stand in the doorway while you are setting up, a Fender Super 60 twin 10" valve amp followed. Selling that one was my biggest regret. SJ 60 w valve head was nice, now run a Fender Prosonic (2x10 30 -60w, rectifier options)swapped with Martin, a Fender Bassman 50w head with a twin cab with 2x Jensen reissue speakers, a Fender Tweed 15w valve pro junior, for those jammin' moments and, finally, a Fender Lead 50 tranny which has a great valvelike sound. Footpedals are a Boss delay pedal, a Marshall overdrive, a chorus pedal and an AXL tuner.

While on the guitar front, when my son started learning guitar, aged 9 (he's 34 now) I bought a cheap Les Paul copy and that was the start!
The Les copy was traded for a Tokai Strat in 1984 ( I still have it) a 1986 Fender Strat 60s reissue ( a Jap one) still have it, a Rickenbacker 360 V64 reissue, a Aria PE Les Paul alike, made in Japan in the 70s and an Epiphone 335 dot. These are the ones I still own.
In between I have had several American Strats, Teles and Les Pauls. The best guitars I have had are the current ones. My biggest regret was to swop my 1979 Les Paul Special for an American Strat. I didn't know what I had.


updated 24th April 2004

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