Future Gigs

Earlier Gigs


I thought nothing about music until I was 2, but with Judy Garland as a mother and Leadbelly as a father, there were only 2 ways forward – drink myself to an early death or sing….!    So I left primary school to become a hippy, travelling Europe and singing for my supper.  Due to severe weight loss I returned to the UK and honed my singing skills with various bands which were, in fact, drinking clubs in disguise.

Then some years ago I got the call to audition with a bunch of aged R & B musicians and overnight became the good looking one in the band.  So Vintage Stuff became my vehicle to fame and fortune but before my ambitions had been realized they had ruined my voice forever, by me straining to be heard above their volume which they were constantly turning up.   But who cares, it’s only rock and roll………!

January 2012