Future Gigs

Earlier Gigs


The story began about 2001 when Ron put an ad in a local paper inviting musos interested in forming a Blues/Rock band to meet in a pub.

A crowd of twenty odd turned up and after a few months three of us Ron, Fred and Martin were practicing every Wednesday with a drummer who just stopped turning up for no apparent reason, at this point enter Chris and Vintage Stuff was born.

The first gig was at the Vine in Buckden in the spring of 2002, a happy stomping ground we have returned to on many occasions.

Many gigs have followed up and down the A1 from Arlesy to Buckden across into Cambridgeshire and various Bedfordshire villages.

January 2004 saw the arrival of Rick and purely by coincidence our first gig as a five piece was at, you guessed it the Vine in March 2004.

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